Dahlonega GA Long Lines Site

This page pertains to the Dahlonega-1 long lines site. There is a second Dahlonega site nearby but sadly I did not get to visit it :(.
You can read some more about this second site from here. This site also has some information regarding the first Dahlonega site; see here.

Compare the pictures on this site (dated 2003) to these newer ones. Dahlonega-1 seemed somewhat active in 2003; now the site appears abandoned albeit still under the ownership of ATC. The basement level has flooded up to the doorknob at some point, probably fucking ruining whatever cool shit was stored in there T_T Plus, the (very modern) equipment that controls the aviation hazard lights at night have no power to them at all, which must be an issue. A logbook found in one of the unlocked building has its most recent entry in 2005.

In 2007 some retard got arrested after breaking in to steal copper and got electrocuted. Ironically the person who got electrocuted was an electrician who worked for ATC, but keep in mind this is in the southern USA.

There was a stinky old Cadillac car from the 80s or something that is covered in green shit sitting under this little building out back and next to it you can see what I believe are the dehumidifiers used to suck moisture from the wave-guide tubes. In this little garage area among some random items were some felled microwave antennas with their weather covers missing or punctured and full of disgusting still water. There is some other equipment in the middle that I *think* could be gamma radiation detector as I know some LL sites had these but I'm not an expert so I don't know. There was a more rusted one on the roof so I dunno :p Also there was a huge pile of old paper logs and documents with environmental/operation details and other autistic cool things pertaining to the operation of the microwave towers but they had birdshit and mold all over them, otherwise I would have rescued them. On the roof of the main facility there was also a gay little satellite dish for some reason.

All the doors of this place were locked which sucks but at least whatever is inside is safe from retards that just want to break shit or steal copper. I think it would be cool to live in the building if it had some electricity and the basement weren't filled with nasty shit-water. I'm imagining myself with my computers, books, and piles of technical documentation which I HAVE LEGITIMATELY OBTAINED piled everywhere in my sweet telecom bunker curled up in my bunk bed surfing the 'net and talking to my frens from my laptop B-)

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