I spotted this tower while driving along the highway. After driving around some office parks I managed to find the base tucked behind a random business on the edge of a slight cliff near the Dekalb county water tower. The fence around the tower was compromised already and I made my way over it and explored what I could. The generator shed was open and unlocked, and had a log book inside that I will scan and upload soon. Both doors to the main brick building were locked with very strong, good quality locks. Adjacent to the generator shed and brick building was a smaller shed which must house some kind of fiber-optic equipment, as there was a buried fiber optic cable sign right next to it. This area was fenced off with barbed wire as well. American Tower owns this microwave tower site however there are no cellular antennas attached nor is there any electricity to the facility. The wave guides have been ripped out :c. I am very curious as to what is inside these little buildings but sadly I will have to find out another time.

Gate with American Tower Corporation sign et al
Nearby fiber optic sign
AT&T Property!
Wave guide holes
Generator mfg label
Generator shed electical panel
Main building and generator shed (right)